The Power of Releasing Intensive Retreat with Heiko and Selina
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2019 Mai 23 N 11:00
2019 Mai 26 P 12:30

Join this retreat for some deep soul healing. Leave old emotional, mental and chronic physical pain, issues and baggage behind you forever and experience your life with a much lighter, happier heart and discovering your True Purpose.

In May during The Power of Releasing Retreat in Estonia you can experience the Lindwall Releasing process in it's full beauty and power.
You will also be taught basics of this technique so you can use it and benefit from it for the rest of your life. You will take home a most powerful and effective tool to support yourself and your friends and family. It's not a shallow quick-fix-cure-all even though thousands of people have experienced amazing, far-reaching results just from one retreat alone and so can you.

This retreat is designed to free yourself from the most crucial inner obstacles in your current personal life. In other words, 'to delete the present virus on your heart drive' NOW and at the same time provide you with a powerful tool that when practiced can give you amazing lasting results across your life. Interested to learn more?

Free yourself from:
1) Emotional pain from the past and present.
2) Negative programming from your childhood, from family, teachers, your culture, and society.
3) Negative and emotional decisions that you have made or forgot that you've made that are still running your life today.
4) Fears, anxiety, and trauma.
5) The root of chronic physical ailments like backaches, shoulder aches, stomach problems, etc.
6) Anger and resentment towards yourself or others that you find difficult to forgive.
7) Feelings of powerlessness.
8) Depression.
9) Career blocks.
10) Programs that interfere with your connection and alignment with your divine Self and Source.

What You Get:
* Heal and clear emotional pain
* Resolve and heal personal and business relationships in current or past issues
* Clear your karma
* Alignment with your divine Self and Source
* Increase self-esteem and self-confidence
* Clear limiting mindsets that have negative effects on a person's finances, business and career
* Heal chronic physical ailments which have an emotional or mental cause
* Achieve clarity of mind
* Achieve clarity of heart
* Realise and understand how you create the patterns of your life that limit you from achieving your life goals
* Free yourself from fears
* Open minds to receive new ideas and learning
* Open and balance the full potential of right and left brain functions
* Discover and unlock hidden potential and increase personal capacity
* Discover who you really are.

DATES: 23 – 26 May 2019

1) A long weekend releasing and clearing your specific issues without being distracted by daily life.
2) Learn basics of the Lindwall Releasing process for daily use with yourself or with another person. (for lay people and professionals)
3) 4days/3 nights of special time and our attention to ask your personal questions.

The course will take place in Jõõpre, Yuthok Ling Center in South-East of Estonia
The cost of the course:
* Early bird: 1108 EUR (registration and full tuition paid) until February 15. of April
*Sleepy bird: From April 16th 2019: 1208 EUR

After registration the participant will receive a payment invoice which guarantees the place on the course and that is non-remunerable in the case of participation cancellation by the participant.

PLEASE NOTICE: The number of participants is limited - only 8 participants per retreat.

Course volume: This is a 4-day all inclusive retreat (meals, accommodation, local transport included).


Contact person in Estonia: Kaia-Kaire Hunt, + 372 56 600 295




For coming on two decades, Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer have been working together with multitudes of individuals from around the world, freeing their hearts and minds from pain and suffering and giving new purpose, clarity and personal power in their lives.

Heiko and Selina were taught and mentored for 28 years and 19 years respectively by Dr E.E. Isa Lindwall and his wife, Ruth Yolanda Lindwall, who are the founders of the Lindwall Releasing process. Since then, their work has touched and changed the lives of people from all walks of life from 23 countries; from millionaires and royalty to depressed people and drug addicts.

Tireless and wholeheartedly dedicating their lives to empowering others around them, Heiko and Selina regularly conduct private sessions, large group sessions and powerful intensive retreats internationally and have even extended their services to providing seminars for business entrepreneurs in China and Malaysia and hosting webinars on various vital topics that pertain to the human condition and painful limitations.

They are now recognised as among the most experienced Releasers and Releasing teachers in the world and have been invited to host as well as guest in seminars in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Poland and the UK. Word of their success continues to spread as they have also given interviews on Radio live in Singapore 98.5 FM, Las Vegas and BFM 89.9 Malaysia, as well as making several appearances on NTV7, The Breakfast Show in Malaysia.

Heiko and Selina are also heavily involved in volunteer work, reaching out to the less fortunate to help them seek better paths in their lives, or break free from physical and mental bondage that threaten to harm themselves or their loved ones around them. Past beneficiaries include drug addicts from The Breakthrough Center in Kuala Lumpur and domestic workers and women who suffer domestic abuse.

"I removed that which was holding me back from my potentiality, things which I had no idea were inside of me, things that have been dragging me down for the majority of my life. I feel so free and clear now - my 'ability to do' has spiralled to a whole new level. Participating in the retreat was the most rewarding and enjoyable 4 days of my life." - James Rosales

"I still can't believe how Heiko and Selina managed to break the "wall" I've built around my heart for years that has been protecting me from more hurt and damage until I've become accustomed and immune to live with it.

All the negative emotions - fear of being judged, feeling lost, etc - all have dissipated during the retreat. To be able to break that wall, to breathe again and to finally have a clearer mind, I must say Heiko and Selina are truly God sent.

Participating in this retreat is the most rewarding experience in my life. Without a doubt, this is a retreat that you want to join again. I learned to appreciate life even more, and I've never felt so light and happy. I've never experienced such clarity as my mind has been "cloudy" before joining Heiko and Selina's river retreat. Most importantly, I learned to love and respect myself. I have a sense of direction in life and know what I really want now. This is a truly life-changing experience, for the better... the retreat was an enjoyable journey. I will honor and cherish this experience for life."- Artini, Indonesia

"Johnny & I would like to express our heartfelt thank you for such a mind-blowing, out-of-this-world River Retreat. WOW! I'm still blown away by the experience. Such immense healing and clearing not only in the present, most of all whatever in the past that I did not know was even there." - Jacy Wee

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