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2014 Dets 19 R 19:00
2014 Dets 21 P 15:30

Conscious Yoga Movements

Art of BEING Authentic ... Be FREE to Breath & Live JOY from a place of what YOU care about most!

When we re-awaken to our True Self or our "Authentic Self", a source of vitality is sparked where we experience every moment as expansive and inclusive rather than small and exclusive; which may positively change our perception of ourselves, our community and our World! But it must starts with You...

Join us for a Joy-filled weekend where we'll together explore:
• Elemental™ Alignment & Anatomy based on the HeART of Authenticity
• various sequences from our Grace-Full FLOW™ Movements Series,
• intentional breathing techniques,
• mindfulness practices
• and group activities

...All aimed at being at the HeART of Your Authenticity!

NOTE: The Program will be presented in the ENGLISH language only.

Osalustasu: 148.-

Registreerumine ja lisainfo: info@auroramaa.ee

Ingliskeelne lisainfo: www.cymyoga.com

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