Key person

What is Key person?

Key person is a reference to a person or an organisation who plays key role in Activity.

This person / organisation has to have account in the system before creating the Activity.

In majority of cases it will be the performer (who gives lectures or guides a workshop etc) and in other cases it will be an organiser. Sometimes it may refer to contact person or event the one who made the post.

How this field works?

Enter part of the e-mail and the field will display some suggestions. If necessary type more to narrow down options. Note that there must be [uid: xxx] displayed on the line where xxx stands for a number. Names are for humans, the systems cares only for the id number. So don't remove it.

Adding Key person

Note that Members with Private profile option (including yourself) are not available for Key person field.

If the account for a person or organisation does not yet exist then ask her/him/it to create it or create it yourself by using their e-mail or you can even use some of your own e-mails for it. In latter case the account will be transformed to the person/organisation if they request so.

Note that you can create pseudo account. Assume your email is and kayperson name is Jack Black, then you can use e-mail for registering pseudoaccount.