What is Newsletter?

Newsletter is periodic e-mail, which gives overview about new posts on site.


Currently the Newsletter is compiled and sent once a day.


It is possible to have Newsletter in plain text or in HTML format. Check your Newsletter settings.

Disabling Newsletter

Possible. Check your Newsletter settings.

If you go to vacation or just any other reason you can disable it temporarily or permanently.

Content of Newsletter

You can customize the content of Newsletter in following ways:

  • Choose a format text/HTML
  • Choose posting types
  • Choose near future activity in days. Example: you will see what will happen tonight, tomorrow and day after tomorrow.
  • Choose languages. There will be separate newsletter for each language. These are not translations of each other, but posts which has been done in different languages.

Check your Newsletter settings.

Problem: Suddenly no Newsletter coming to my e-mail

Probably your mailbox was full or there was some other problem delivering you a Newsletter and therefore system disabled your Newsletter. Just enable it.

Check your Newsletter settings.