Juugakoda training and therapy centre
Saekoja 36a-310
50107 Tartu
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Juugakoda is a small training and therapy centre in Karlova, Tartu.

It hosts reiki and breathwork classes and one-to-one sessions of reiki, Source Process and Breathwork, Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release, rebirthing breathwork and Champissage (Indian head massage). To achieve this, the room has little furniture and equipment, still having everything we need. All the things in our room are portable and dynamic, we can always place them differently or carry unnecessary elements out into the corridor.

Although the farther end of Karlova is not the city centre, it has its advantages. Parking is always free and there are plenty of parking lots. And the air is cleaner than in the centre, making breathing easier.

We enjoy our minimalist rooms with nothing that could redirect focus from studying or therapies and we hope you will do it too!


By Vehicle
BY TAXI. If you do not know the city, it is most convenient to order a taxi or take a taxi at a taxi stop. BY OWN CAR. Use the route Turu-Sõbra-Saekoja Street. Or drive by Võru Street and turn into Sõbra Street. When you reach Kesk Street, turn to the right and soon to the left again, taking Saekoja Street. One way or another, you reach our car park. If your therapy or event lasts less than 2 hours, you should display a parking clock and if it lasts more, you should write "Juugakoda" on a sheet of paper and display it on the windscreen. BY BUS: From the centre, bus stop Kesklinn VI: bus 9, exit at the bus stop "Tähe Erakliinik" and walk back to a large red-roof office building. Or the bus stop Soola I, bus No 6 or 7, exit at Saekoja (6) or Tarmeko (7) bus stop and take a 400-600 m walk to us. Please read the next instructions under "By Foot" You can return to city centre by bus 9a from Purde bus stop or bus 6 from Raua bus stop. Other directions: buses 9, 9a, 6, 7 and 4, stops Tähe Erakliinik, Purde, Raua, Tarmeko and Kastani. BY BICYCLE: All Smart Bike stations are quite far from us, so you do not save time coming by smart bike and then walking 20 minutes. If you come by own bike, you may leave it next to the wall or a tree. Kesk Street is the nearest bicycle lane to us, just turn to Saekoja Street from there and then you notice our 3-floor office building soon.
By Foot
If you start from the city centre, walk along Riia Street, turn left to Tähe Street, take a long walk through Karlova and after you have seen a Russian-type church with onion-shape silver cupolas, turn to the right just before reaching a store with Husqvarna ad. Saekoja 36a is a 3-floor office building and you should pass the entrance with the text "Sissepääs" above it and enter the house through the entrance at the other end of the building. You find "Juugakoda" on the 3rd floor, the door opens right from the stairs. If you are lost, please call +372 56492769.
Phone+372 56 49 27 69
Mobile+372 56 49 27 69
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