Becoming a Healer (Part One), the 20-minute documentary on the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Filmed on location in Miami and in Europe, the documentary provides a broad picture of the healing techniques taught at the School, the dedication and skills of Barbara and the faculty, the requirements of the curriculum and the camaraderie that exists among the student body.

But it is much more than informational. While the Deans describe the work of each year, students of all ages and backgrounds share their experiences, often poignantly, and the pictures, music and narration combine to produce a heart-warming image of the Schools ethos and essence.

Becoming a Healer was directed, written and narrated by a BBSH graduate who has been involved in a number of documentaries for television and for major corporations. It was filmed by an experienced cameraman who has worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation, Discovery Channel and other networks.

Said Barbara Brennan: The new DVD comes directly from the heart and goes a very long way in capturing the reality of what BBSH is all about.

Those interested can request a copy on the Schools website, www.barbarabrennan.com

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