Taiji workshop with Christine Schneider in Tallinn: Zheng Manqing short form
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2015 Aprill 04 L 12:00
2015 Aprill 04 L 18:00

Taiji workshop with Christine Schneider in Tallinn

April 4th, 2015

Taiji klubis on võimalik tutvust teha ühe autentse taiji kooli õpetusmetoodikatega, muuhulgas Zheng Manqing-i lühikese vormiga.

Vastavalt vajadusele tõlgime kursust Eesti keelde.


Christine Schneider has closely followed Patrick Kelly's teachings for last 21 years and is one of his senior instructors, she regularly teaches in Austria, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland.

In this workshop she will introduce the basic training methods for those not familiar with our system, and offer guidance for advanced practitioners.

While refining the external details of the movements and exploring their wavelike character will be in important part of the training, we will practise beyond just the outer movement by using deep concentration on the inner senses. The day will also include an introduction into the partner work (Pushing Hands), which trains the sensitivity and the timing between two moving partners.

This workshop is suitable for people with some Taiji experience - ALL welcome irrespective of style.

Teaching language will be English.


5 relaxing exercises, Zheng Manqing short form, Tui Shou (partner exercises), Daoist meditation

Training times:

Sat 4th April, 2015: 12.00 – 18.00


Taiji klubi, Pärnu mnt. 102, Tallinn


Tuition: € 35

Registration: contact Taavi Remmelg taavi@taavi.ee

Where to find us on the net:

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