Games of Attention - A special seminar about the power of attention and meditation
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2019 Juuli 17 K 10:00
2019 Juuli 23 T 18:00

A 7 days seminar offering a deep investigation into the nature of Attention and its power.
Attention is our most valuable force. We all have a natural born ability to control attention and direct it at will. Using attention we can choose our reality, create our actions and nourish all that we want to grow in our life.

During the seminar we will explore the nature of attention, its use and purpose, and learn different techniques using body, breath and mind to develop the power of attention so it will become a useful tool in our daily lives.
The seminar combines theory and practice.
Dates: 17-23 of July 2019
Nia Levin: Through mindful movements and breath we will discover the art of attention.
Galit Levin: Using meditation techniques we will explore the nature of attention and learn about its powers.
Location: We will stay in a beautiful old mansion in the heart of Estonia,
surrounded by natural forests and fresh water springs. The place offers double and shared rooms. Toilets and showers are shared.
Costs: 450 euro for 6 nights including 2 vegan meals a day.
The tuition fee is given according to the tradition of Dana – at the end of the seminar each person gives donation to the teachers according to his wish and ability.
For registration and additional details please contact:

Hope to see you
Nia & Galit

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