What is Content?

Content is major piece of info of the post. It is mostly textual and may contain images, links and custom formatting. It is most complicated field and it takes most time to polish it for Publishing.


All info (text, images, etc) must be your own or you should have copyright to use the info.

How it works?


Often people write their content in some text editor. Bear in mind that copying content you loose all layout. Only the plain text will come over. It is deliberately this way.

Formatting toolbox

There are numerous tools to work with text:

  • Decoration: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough
  • Alignments: Left, Center, Right, Justified
  • Lists: Bullets, Numbered
  • Indent: Decrease, Increase
  • Correction: Undo, Redo
  • Linking: Link, Unlink
  • Image: Use image @ Internet / Edit image
  • Cleanup messy code
  • Predefined formats (headlines)
  • Color: Text, Background
  • Script: Superscript, Subscript
  • Block Quote
  • Horizontal line
  • Clipboard: Cut, Copy, Paste
  • Remove Fromatting
  • Symbol map
  • Find, Find-Replace
  • CSS editing
  • Tables: Add/Edit, Edit Row, Edit Cell, Add Row Above, Add Row Below, Delete Row, Add Column Left, Add Column Right, Delete Column, Split Cell, Merge Cells
  • Citation

There might be slight differences in layout in editor and on actual page when viewed.


How to add images to your post?