What is Activity?

Activity is most used posting type. Activity holds 4 different kinds of activities:

  1. Event – One time, one location – Example: Yoga seminar; Meditation camp
  2. Course – Long time, one/many locations – This is serious study or continuous practice. Example: Teacher training course; One semester long massage course
  3. Regular activity – Regular time (weekly etc), one location – Example: Tai-Chi classes; Sunday prayer
  4. One to One – No specific time or place – Example: Therapy; Massage

Activities are specified by time and location.

Different types have different time requirements / restrictions / behaviour.

When posting Activity be sure to pick appropriate type.

See also

Duplicate postings

People are often tempted to post their Activity multiple times in order to get more attention to their activity. This is not welcome. Please consider advertising.

Lifecycle of an event

  • Draft – When you create an object it will be a draft. Only you can see it and work on it until satisfied.
  • Published – If you feel you are done you can publish your post. It means it will appear on the site. And in Newsletter.
  • Expired – If "Regular activity" or "One to one", then 90 days after Begin date it will expire automatically. It is publicly accessble only at All posts.
  • 1 year after End date the post will be deleted.