Creating an Activity

Posting an Activity post requires 2 preparations:

1. Public profile

Your profile must be public. Please check it here.

2. Location: find or create

The location must exist in the system and needs to be published. You can check in following ways:

If the location does not exist, then you need to create it in first place and publish it (under Settings icon ).

Location: Add Activity

Assuming you are now on the location page (It should read "Location" under the title) - on the right from the title there is Settings icon (upper right corner of page). By hovering over appears a menu and it contains link "Add Activity". Click on that.

Now opens up a form for creating Activity.

Note that location field is already filled in.

Note that there are 2 fields, which need a bit more attention to fill in.

Keyperson field

In the keyperson field fill in your email and as you type you see that dropdown menu appears from which you should choose who is main person regarding the Activity. Note that in the end of field there has to appear something like [uid: 1234]. If you cannot find the the person in the dropdown list, please ensure that the profile is set to public.

Time field (for Regular activity)

If your Activity is Regular, then make sure that in Time field you set "[X] Repeat".

In the beginning of that field there are two subfields: "From Date" and "To Date" – these denote beginning and end of THE FIRST event in series. Usually these dates are the same and only time differs.

If you chose "[X] Repeat", in the end is one more time field - Stop Repeating (*) On Date. Insert there date which denotes last event in the series. Note, that this value cannot be more than 90 days from "From Date".

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