Jenni Annanolli
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I am a certified teacher of Drunvalo Melchizedek in the School of Remembering. I offer the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop in English and in Finnish.

The workshop is a 4 day journey to the sacred spaces of the heart, healing, ascension, creating from the heart without polarity. The information, training and meditations presented during this wonderful 4 day experience is the ancient yet long forgotten process to automatically and permanently activate the Heart Merkaba around your body to connect your heart with your brain and open the Third Eye allowing the Beams of Light to activate creating a Halo.
When all of these are again engaged, one's Merkaba is naturally activated and one completely remembers and knows how to fulfill one's potential of creation using love here on Earth...a "New Body, New World, New Life!"

Please contact me and see about this workshop if you feel called to join in!

In service and Love, Jenni Annanolli


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